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Play Pong with a twist against a friend in this local multiplayer game!

Play Pong with a friend in this local multiplayer game! However, your paddle inputs are affected by lag. Fight to get closer to the WiFi signal in order to reduce the input lag while beating your friend at Pong.

This 2-in-1 game was developed in Unity within 24 hours during the LHUxKDU game jam to fit the theme 'Connection'. It was a team of 1 designer/artist and 2 programmers. I was involved in mainly developing the Pong segment of this game and helping to integrate the lag system.

The game was great fun to develop as it was the first time I developed a polished game in less than 24 hours. The constraint taught me the importance of planning and ensuring the scope of a game is manageable.

This game is available to download at the bottom of this page.

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Game Programmer


Below are the details and my thoughts on my contributions to this project.

  • Pong gameplay
    • I set up the paddle and ball movement of the Pong section of the game.
    • Also implemented the score system.

Install instructions

1. Download the 'Ping' file.

2. Extract the files from 'Ping.rar'.

3. Run the 'Ping' application.


Ping 9 MB

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