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Protect the merchant as he travels from one town to the next!

Play as a merchant trying to get from one town to another safely. To protect yourself, you may hire up to 3 sellswords using the gold you earn from the goblins you defeat on the way. These sellswords can be controlled to move wherever you want in order to help you fend off those pesky goblins. Sellswords up for hire are a warrior, ranger, and a magician.

This game was developed using Unity for the mobile platform. It took a team of 8 programmers, 5 artists, and 2 designers to develop within 3 months. This was a college assignment where we all developed a mobile game for the first time.

I was involved in the hiring menu, auto targeting system, and the melee attacks of the sellswords. This was the first 3D and mobile game I developed as well as my first time working with a large team. I learned to coordinate and document my progress in order to assist with the lead programmer's compilation of the project versions.

This game is available to download at the bottom of this page.

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Below are the details and my thoughts on my contributions to this project.


  • Auto targeting system
    • The sellswords target the first enemy that comes within range of them and unless an enemy is manually targeted, will continue to attack until the first target is defeated.
  • Melee attacks
    • The warrior sellsword deals damage to enemies by swinging its sword when the enemy is within range.
    • This was the first time I worked with 3D collision boxes and animations in Unity. I learned to use animation events to toggle hitboxes.


  • Hiring menu
    • When a sellsword is hired, providing that the player has enough gold, a random sellsword type is shown.

Install instructions

1. Download the 'Koin's Coin.apk' file.

2. Install on your Android device.


Koin's Coin.apk 100 MB

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