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Link as many tiles as possible in this game made for Enfagrow!

Link tiles to clear them in this puzzle game made for children. Make a long chain and get a bubble that you can pop! Clear as many as you can in 100 seconds and get a high score.

This game was only available to play at Enfagrow's promotional booths. It was made in Unity for a Windows Touchscreen PC with a team of 4. The project was completed in 1 month.

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Game Programmer


Below are the details and my thoughts on my contributions to this project.

Visual Effects

  • Tutorial animation
    • The tutorial has a section where an animation is shown to teach players how to link tiles.
    • I created the animation from scratch in Unity using provided sprites.
  • Tile clearing particle effect
    • Individually coloured particles are emitted when tiles are cleared.
    • I created a spritesheet that would allow Unity's particle system to automatically randomly pick a particle texture to use.


  • Tile detection, linking, and clearing
    • Tiles that are selected are highlighted, and have a line drawn between them.
    • Tiles are checked for their type and distance before being linked.
    • When cleared, they are deactivated and particles are spawned.
  • Bubble spawning and popping
    • When 7 or more tiles are linked, a bubble is spawned where the last tile was.
    • Popping bubbles will clear adjacent tiles.


  • High score system
    • Top 10 scores are saved even after the game is closed.
    • The latest score entry is highlighted.
    • The highlight feature is the latest addition I made to all the high score systems I've implemented so far.
  • Keyboard system
    • I created a custom keyboard for players to input their names to show alongside their score in the high score menu.
    • This was the first time I created a system like this.
Published Jul 20, 2017
AuthorChan Yuen Theng
TagsCasual, enfagrow, kids